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V-Kool Dealer Program

Dear Potential Dealer Partner-

We are Accent by Masters Glass tinting in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our company has recently been named the exclusive distributor in certain territories of Arizona, and Las Vegas for V-Kool™ Clear heat control for windows. V-Kool™ has been the industry leader for many years in the area of spectrally selective window film technology and has set itself apart from its peers in its quality, durability, and functionality.

            My goal in writing this letter to you is to simply pursue a mutually beneficial business relationship. We realize that all window film dealers are not going to qualify to partner with us, but we hope you do.  Our agreement with V-Kool™ provides that we can “put on” a few key dealers of the product in your territory. This relationship allows that a dealer who desires to flourish in the luxury flat glass arena with an extremely superior, spectrally selective window film, can now do so, where exclusivity issues did not allow it before.

            Simply stated, V-Kool™ is one of the most virtually clear, non reflective, films on the market and possesses the unique ability to reject over half of the heat and 99% of the ultraviolet ray, while allowing in virtually all of the natural light. This is not your standard dual reflective window film, and it demands a premium price as well, which insures maximum profit for you.  If you feel like you might be the dealer that can successfully sell a window film that consistently demands ten to twelve dollars a square foot, then you might qualify for our dealer program.

            We realize that some of you already have relationships with other companies that either demand your exclusivity, or you simply choose not to “take on” V-Kool™ at this time. If that is the case, we completely understand; but feel like serious consideration should be given regardless of your circumstances, as V-Kool™ truly is the product of choice every day for high end clients here in Phoenix, and the price that it commands is truly a moneymaker for all who sell it.

            Although this is a relatively new endeavor for us, let me assure you that we are committed to assisting our “dealer partners” in any way we can to insure their success. We have already committed to selling “partials” if needed (certain minimums apply), all sales materials and spec sheets will be sold to our dealers at a substantial discount (our cost plus a small handling fee), Our office is available for questions or consultation every day, and certain quantities of film can be dropped shipped FOB Houston, TX. in order to insure the quickest possible delivery of your window film.

            It is our hope to partner with you.  Please feel free to contact me directly at the numbers below if you have any questions.


Tom James, President

Accent by Masters Glass tinting