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A View to Safety

From: American School & University


Glass. It's staggering that such a simple material is at the core of so many complex decisions facing facility managers at schools and universities. From old “standbys” such as vandalism, to ever-changing building codes, to protection against classroom violence and even terrorism, glass has become a vital component of every educational institution's design and planning.

Although glass presents many potential problems for schools, it plays a vital role in supplying a building with natural light, which can benefit student performance and well-being. So the question for facilities managers is how to select the proper window systems for their particular schools.

Student safety is a primary concern. Classroom violence, industrial accidents and external threats are top-of-mind concerns for parents and administrators. Central to these hazards is glass. The federal government says that flying glass shards are the No. 1 cause of injury during a blast or storm. Yet, given budgetary constraints, schools find it cost-prohibitive to replace existing windows in high-risk areas with tempered glass.

Keeping people safe

One cost-effective solution is safety glass film. Such films are being used in many of the world's most recognized commercial and government buildings. Retrofitted on existing windows, these laminates can improve glass safety significantly by binding shattered glass together should a window break as a result of a storm, accident or attack.

Schools and universities may be able to lower their insurance premiums by installing safety films.

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