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When it comes to window film, the choice is not always CLEAR as seen in Desert Digest

As luxury residential interiors become more elaborate and expensive, and with recent trends in homebuilders adding more glass to invite in more natural light, designers are becoming more aware every day of the necessity for solar and fading control for their clients.  The question, however, is not always clear as to the proper product or contractor to use in each individual situation. As draperies and interior treatment are utilizing more expensive and unique fabrics and materials, the burden of how to protect them, many times, falls to the interior designer. In addition, designers are becoming more aware that interior treatments, be it blinds; shades, shutters, or drapes need to be closed in order to ward off the damaging rays of the sun. Unfortunately, many clients don’t want to live in a closed off home and truly want to enjoy their views and enjoy the relaxing effects of natural light. As this conundrum of natural light and clear view continues to oppose the idea of heat gain and fading furnishings; designers have had to become more in tune with some of the more promising products on the market today, and one of them is solar control window film.

Window film, or window tinting as many know it, has a steep scientific history. Originally developed in the 1960’s primarily for the aerospace industry, window film has developed over the years as being a major player in the solar control industry, and is now being offered as an aftermarket product which can be applied to the existing window in a home, and is safe for virtually all types of glass. The major components of window film include any number of polyester layers with microscopic metallized particles spread evenly throughout the layers of the film, which create the heat rejecting property of the film. Window film also includes an ultraviolet inhibitor within the layers, which give the film it’s 99% ultraviolet rejection; which of course is the part of the sun that causes fading. In addition, window film is a substantially durable, safe, and scratch resistant product which can withstand a pretty fair beating.

As this symbiotic relationship between interior designers and window film grows, designers are now faced with the decision of what product(s) and what contractor to use. As many designers have found, products and contractors are certainly not all created equal. Many times, in choosing a contractor or vendor, designers are faced sometimes with a lack of professionalism or punctuality or worse. Finding a company that truly considers themselves to be an extension of the designer, and one that truly carries forth the great relationship and sense of credibility that the designer has created with the client, at times is difficult for the designer. In addition, finding a window film contractor that has longevity in the industry or one that carries more than one or two brands of window film can be a daunting task as well. Most luxury residential clients not only demand professionalism and a salesperson who is knowledgeable, but also expect a window film product that does not inhibit their view in any way by making the room substantially darker, or creating a mirrored effect on their windows.

There have been a number of misconceptions about window film which designers have had to address as well; primarily pertaining to issues of reflectivity, darkness of window films, warranties, and how it affects the glass. With due diligence, and a relationship with a good window film dealer, most designers have found that the addition of window film as a preferred solar control  option for their clients have not only proven to be beneficial for them financially, as most film dealers pay designer commissions, but a wonderful option for their clients in preventing fading and heat gain, while also allowing in the natural light, keeping their views clear, and providing a virtually maintenance free product which will last for years and years after paying for itself in utility costs.

Author:  Tom James
Company: Accent by Masters Glass Tinting
Contact Info: 15840 North Cave Creek Road

                        Phoenix, Az. 85032
                        (602) 267-0706

Biography: Accent by Masters has prided itself on being Arizona’s premiere luxury residential and commercial window film contractor since 1979. We specialize in solar control, security, and decorative and frosted film applications. We are the exclusive distributors of V-Kool™, clear and non-reflective window film. We proudly serve Arizona’s most prolific interior designers, and consider it our privilege to do so.

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